Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Informatics Number 3 of 2021 regarding the Standard of Business Activities and Product Standards on the Implementation of Licensing Based on Postal Risk, Telecommunications, and Electronic Systems and Transactions

Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia Number 3 of 2021 (“PERMEN KOMINFO 3/2021”) discusses the Determination of Standards for Business Activities and Products in the Implementation of Risk-based Business Licensing, which are listed in Attachment (i) and Attachment (ii). The Attachment is inseparable from PERMEN KOMINFO 3/2021. Risk-based Business Licensing for Post, Telecommunications, Systems and Electronic Transactions is carried out through an electronically integrated Business Licensing System. Meanwhile, since the enactment of PERMEN KOMINFO 3/2021, namely in accordance with the stipulation and promulgation, the Ministerial Regulation which regulates Standard Business Activities and Standard Products in the Implementation of Business Licenses in the Field of Electronic Systems and Transactions in the Post, Telecommunications and Electronics Sector is in effect, as long as it does not conflict with the provisions in this Regulation.

Determination of Standards for Business Activities/Products for each Sector
Based on what is explained in Article 6 paragraph (7) PP 5/2021, it can be known that Business activity Standards and/or Product Standards in each sector are regulated in a ministerial/head of institution regulation. And In the Article 6 paragraph (3) letter d is elaborated that contents of Article 6 paragraph (7) is one of the Risk-based business licensing arrangements in each sector is Business Activity Standards and/or Product Standards.

Types of Business Activities / Products in Attachment I
In accordance with what is in the Attachment (i), First, namely Courier Agent Business (KBLI 53202), Telecommunication Service Resale Service Business (KBLI 61994), Then Blockchain Technology Development Business (KBLI 62014), Programming Business Based on Artificial Intelligence (KBLI 62015), Internet of Things (IOT) Consulting and Design Business, as well as Telecommunication Services Business for Premium Call Services, Premium SMS Content, Managed Calls (Calling Cards), and other Value Added Telephony. Namely, Premium Call Services (KBLI 61911), Premium SMS Content Services (KBLI 61912), Managed Call Services (KBLI 61914), Other Value Added Telephony Services (KBLI 61919). Furthermore, the Business of Providing Digital Identity (KBLI 62022), and Electronic Certificate Provider Business (KBLI 62023).

Types of Business Activities / Products in Attachment II
Attachment (ii) is divided on the basis of Product/Service Standards/Registration Process for Electronic System Operators with a Private Scope. Among them are Data Processing Activities (KBLI 63111), Hosting and YBDI Activities (KBLI 63112), Web Portals and/or Digital Platforms for Commercial Purposes (KBLI 63122), Digital Identity Provision Activities (KBLI 62022), Electronic Certificate Provision Activities and Services using Electronic Certificate (KBLI 62023), and Retail Trade by Post or Internet Order (KBLI 4791).

Classification of Business / Product Standards
Classification of Business/Product Standards in accordance with those listed in Attachment (i) and Attachment (ii) based on Scope, Terms and Definitions, Business Classification, General Requirements for Business, Special Requirements for Business, Special Requirements or Technical Requirements for Products, Processes, and/or Services Facilities, HR and HR Organizational Structure, Services, Requirements for Products/Processes/Services, Business Management Systems, conformity assessment and supervision.


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