Our sincere gratitude to the Indonesian Advocates Association – Voice of Indonesian Advocates (Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia Suara Advokat Indonesia/”PERADI-SAI”) under the leadership of Dr. Juniver Girsang S.H., M.H., and all the members of PERADI-SAI for giving their respects to our late Senior Partner, FREDERIK BERNARD GEORGE TUMBUAN, during the meeting of the Dewan Pimpinan Nasional (DPN) PERADI-SAI at Hotel Fairmont, Jakarta on the 5th of August 2022, which was attended by almost 150 lawyers including the chairman of the Supervisory Board (Dewan Pengawas), the chairman of the Central Honorary Board (Dewan Kehormatan Pusat) and Supervisory Committee (Komisi Pengawas), among others, Denny Kailimang, Hamdan Zoelva and Hotma Sitompul.

During his life, he was one of the Dewan Penasihat (Advisory Board) of PERADI-SAI for the period of 2020-2025.

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