Several partners and associates of our firm are proud members of the Indonesian Capital Market Legal Consultant Association (Himpunan Konsultan Hukum Pasar Modal/HKHPM). Here are a few illustrations of our activities relating to HKHPM:

  • HKHPM held its last Annual Member Meeting in February 2021, in which our Senior Partner Jennifer B. Tumbuan as part of the management of HKHPM, acts as the General Secretary (Sekretaris Umum) of HKHPM under the leadership of Mr. Iwan Setiawan.
  • HKHPM regular meetings, last held on 29 July 2022 was joined by Jennifer B. Tumbuan and discussed the report of  the HKHPM exam conducted in late July 2022, the preparation for a webinar in August 2022, and other matters.

In an upcoming HKHPM organized event, our Senior Partner Jennifer B. Tumbuan will participate as the moderator in a webinar on the topic of PKPU/suspension of payment of debts and bankruptcy’s process for issuers of public companies and its impact on the public shareholders.

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